Monday, July 6, 2015

Sether in the Morff Issue #13.5

Well drizzle me in Homestyle Gravy, I forgot to update yesterday!  I guess on the Sabbath Day I Rested?  Well, what better way to celebrate inconsistency than with today's issue of SITM, #13.5!(?)

Cover Page

Issue 'brr!'
Ah, yes, this issue.  I don't know where it falls in the greater continuity, because I forgot to number it. Now, I know that it's post issue 13, but I may have made it between issues 14, 15, or even 16.  It's hard to say.  I stick it between 13 and 14 for convenience, and call it issue 13.5 accordingly.

Oddly, it's another cold-themed issue.  This time we have the Seth Symbol in icicle form.  Ooooh.

Page 1

We begin this episode with the villains.  Dark One is consulting with a... thing.  Some kind of robot guy.  I don't know who or what that thing is.  It's some kind of scientist thing, that invents stuff, such as a machine that makes ice come to life.  Robot scientist never returns, so enjoy him while he's here. 

Intrigued at the potential of this device, Dark One contacts one of his minions, Radical Worm, who we've yet to see.  This is another reason why I think I made this issue at a later point, since I knew who Radical Worm was by then, and apparently assume the reader knows as well.  Oh well!  You'll have to wait to find out who Radical Worm is.  

Page 2

Mittens for days.
We then come to the Brothers Three tromping through the snowy area, kitted out in their snowsuits and mittens.  The page is rife with spelling mistakes, as any good page should be.  Zach leads the way with his radiation-detector.  It appears to be a satellite dish on a hovering rocket base.  Pretty damn impressive.

Zach is the Donatello of the team, the tech guy with nerdy leanings.  I gave him this role since he was my older brother.  Ironically, Zach actually has mild autism and dyslexia.  While he certainly registers on the nerd scale for his love of Dr. Who alone, he is no better suited to using hovering radiation detectors than I am.

I don't know why it's our job to investigate odd radiation readings in the middle of nowhere, but apparently this is what we do.  We're interested enough in radiation to be lured into an obvious trap, at any rate (spoiler alert!).

Note how Jess seems to be particularly displeased with the low temperatures of this area.

Page 3

Blue Marker Overload
To better simulate the blue lighting of the interior of the ice cave, I proceed to draw most of the rest of this issue with just my blue marker.  Now the only way you can tell the protagonists apart is by their ever-present belly-symbols.  Easy, right?

Anyway, the ice starts to move.  Stalactites and stalagmites of ice launch out of the cave, making interesting noises like 'shomp!'

Page 4

Oh the horror.
A splash page!  We haven't had one of these in a while.  Behold, the fury of the ice monsters!  Oh Lordy!

Page 5

Incredulity = comedy
An entire splash page of danger build up is negated by a wry quip.  We then proceed to blast the ice monsters into oblivion.

This page confirms that Zach and Jess do have powers, or at the very least the ability to fire 'sonic blasts' from their hands.

I don't know what is going on with Zach's facial expression.  I think I messed up, then tried to salvage it by making him look... bored?  I think he's drooling.  Let's... let's just get to the next page.  Jesus.

Page 6

What is going on?  Why?
So one of the ice guys summons all of the destroyed ice chunks of its brethren, then becomes a... four legged, gestalt ice beast with... ice laser hands?  How can ice fire lasers?  They're cold lasers, though, that much is for certain.

Page 7

The brothers are on the ropes!  Those lasers are bad news!  Look out!

Then, one of us (I don't know who, since the belly symbol is obscured) spots the ice-animating device behind a cone of ice.  The first thing not drawn entirely with blue marker for several pages.  Hot damn!

Page 8

Dat eye-shrink sequence.
Surmising that the hidden doohickey is responsible for giving life to Frosty the Laser Centaur, it is immediately destroyed.  The ice monster falls lifeless to the ground, regular frozen water once more.  The laziness of those panel borders baffles the mind.

Page 9

Down periscope? 
Dark One seems a bit salty.  He's down an ice animating machine, but at least he didn't lose any actual minions.  Calm down, man.

Our heroes enjoy a well-deserved warm foot soak after a hard day's work.  For some reason, Zach is inside a submarine inside his little foot basin.  So wacky!

I've never had a warm foot soak to my knowledge, but it's shorthand for a post-cold-weather adventure reward.  You gnome?

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