Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sether in the Morff #20

If you arrange the first letter of every sentence in all of my posts so far, you get a secret message from Yog-Sothoth!  

Culver Stain

Suggested listening: Bjork
Here we are at the end of the Death Pod Saga.  I wonder what will happen?  The explosion forecast is high.

Page 1

Suggested eating: Pork
We join our plucky heroes as they approach the Death Pod.  That second panel is supposed to be Jess in the cockpit of his ship, but it looks like he has lost his legs and is trapped in a blue oval with a shitty-looking cassette tape, or perhaps a domino.  

Page 2

Suggested utensil: Spork
Some fighters come in.  Behold the latest version of the enemy interceptors: lazy teal ovals.  Oh yeah!

Jess is very enthusiastic about blowing them up.  He's getting a lot of screen time here.  Good for him.  Prometheus provides moral support in the background.  That's the spieret!  *facedesk*

Page 3

Suggested axle rotation: Torque
Look how lazy I get drawing those enemy ships!  Hastily scribbled teal circles!  Good enough!  

Ah, here we have Max called out by name.  He rarely shows up in SITM, usually clad in orange with a swirly symbol on his chest.  He is based on one of my best friends as a kid, who had glasses.  

I dropped out of contact with Max roughly around high school.  We were friends since 3rd grade, but eventually he went to a private school and we saw each other less and less.  Finally, after a terrible event in his family life, I cut off all contact with him completely.  Max, if you are by any chance reading this now, I'm sorry I was such a coward.  I should have been there for you, but I was too freaked out.

You were my first best friend, and deserved better.  You saved my ass when I was getting pursued by a teal oval in a crappy 10-year-old's comic book fantasy, but I failed you in the end, in real life.  It's one of my greatest regrets to this day.

Page 4

I'm running out of things that rhyme with 'Bjork.'
Thanks Max.

Page 5

Orc?  Stork?  Mickey Rourke?
Seth inseminates the Death Pod with lasers, and an ominous rumble begins.  Note Dark One and Radical Worm escaping in the third panel.  Radical Worm piloted a green helicopter-thing, in case you were wondering what that cramped series of green scribbles was.

Page 6

Finally, something actually worthy of a splash page.  The Death Pod detonates, for the second or third time(?).  

See those lines that sort of circumnavigate the explosion?  Those are based off the 'explosion rings' from the Special Editions of Star Wars, much hated by fans.  I thought explosion rings were cool, though, so I tried to replicate them here.  Gorf.

Page 7

Victory at sea!  The good guys assemble for a victory 'ya.'  I think I meant 'yay.'  I guess the red ships wings can retract, to release those weird landing leg things?  Sure.

Page 8

It's on.
We end with Dark One lamenting the destruction of the spherical battle station built in his head's image.  In his fury, he creates a little skull out of purple Force Lightning.  Yes, he has Palpatine's force lightning.  That was pretty much the coolest thing I had ever seen a bad guy do, and couldn't resist stealing it for Dark One's own dark... power.

So concludes the Death Pod Saga.  I believe that is the last time it shows up, but I had not yet worked out my need for idiotic space battles.  Not by a long shot.

We're technically halfway through SITM at this point.  I hope your enjoyment of this nonsense parallels my own steady descent into insanity.  x_X

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