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Sether in the Morff #18


Clover Plague

Daeth to the non believers!
*sigh*  ...  So we have another 3 part mini series.  There's no slowing down this idiot train!  CHOO CHOO!

As you might surmise, this series features the triumphant return of the double-plagiarized and fully operational battle station: the Death Pod.

Page 1

I spell 'death' right on the next page?  What?
This page is so rife with spelling errors that it causes my eyes to weep boiling, bloody urine.  

So apparently the previous Death Pod or Death Pods was/were destroyed, and they're building a new one.  Oh no!  Check out that sick computer Zach is using, complete with a power cord plugged into the wall.  Attention to detail for DAYZ.

I especially like the hastily-crammed-in 'h' in pen I added after realizing that 'Deat Pod' was spelled incorrect.  Why didn't I use black marker?  Why did I still fuck up the placement of the H so badly?  Why?  WHY?

Page 2

Zach proceeds to give us a massive Info Dump.  Apparently we succeeded in destroying the Death Pod twice already.  I guess the second Death Pod issue was one of the lost ones, but even in the issue I actually have, whether we destroyed the Death Pod or not is extremely unclear.  

I guess this page establish the Canon of all things Death Pod related in the greater SITM continuity, which is air-tight in consistency, tone, and overall quality.

That last panel with the chunk of the Death Pod falling was pretty much stolen from the ending of Sonic the Hedgehog 3, where Sonic watches the Death Egg fall slowly back down to earth.  Look it up.  Or don't!

Page 3

Red construction beam things also stolen from the Launch Pad Zone of Sonic the Hedgehog 3
Three days later, the villains are loading a small army into the now finished Death Pod.  Why?  Isn't supposed to fire lasers at things from orbit?  Maybe all of those little dots are just the staff; actually, they are specifically referred to as 'gaurds' (sic), so I guess not.

Here we have the first appearance of Radical Worm.  He is a worm in a powered robot suit thing.  Those green dots on his backpack are GRENADES OKAY?  He's basically an evil version of Earthworm Jim, yet another Sega Genesis game I loved as a kid.  

Fun Fact: I didn't like the name Earthworm Jim.  Something about it bothered me, so I usually referred to him as 'Jim Earthworm.'  

Radical Worm has the misfortune of having his worm head drawn with a flesh-colored crayon.  It's all but impossible to make out against the old, yellowed printer paper these things were drawn on, so Radical Worm often just looks like the Headless Horseman with a floating eyeball hovering over his neck stump.  Anyway, Radical Worm is basically the right-hand man (worm) of Dark One, and he'll have greater importance later in the series (foreshadowing!).

Page 4

Blast off to stupidity!
Dark One looks down on his soldiers with pride.  Amongst the regular blue guys are various special units, most of which never show up again, like that green guy or that blue robot thing on the left.  There's an easter egg on this page: just peeking out of the left side of the page is the still-armless Doom's Day, apparently still employed by Evil Inc. and trying to work his way back up the food chain.  Good luck, Doom's Day!

Page 5

Spider robots make the most sense.
Jess pilots a space ship over to the Death Pod, where he deposits a strange spider robot.  The spider robot then tears panels off the hull of the Death Pod as a means to gain entry.

I'm surprised this plan worked.  I guess the Death Pod has no radar, or sensors that would pick either of these pretty advanced vehicles up?  Why aren't they being shot at by laser batteries?  Why did they need a spider robot?  Couldn't they just drop someone near a ventilation duct or something?  Whatever.  Spider robots are cool.

Page 6

Hahaha!  Look, it's a floppy disk!
So I guess it was Seth in the spider robot.  Of course it was.  He sneaks into the Death Pod, looking for a weakness.  Note that he has a gun in the second panel.  Why?  He can fire lasers from his hands!  He can transform into Chaos Spaghetti!  'Spaghetti' is hard to spell.  If it wasn't for spellcheck, I'd never spell it correctly.  I guess I haven't changed that much in like 20 years or whatever.  Anybody want to send me money?

From off screen: ZOW!  Seth has been caught.  Better hide that precious floppy disk, asshole.  Floppy disc?  Fuck.

Note in that last panel how the yellow of Seth's head is contaminated by the black marker.  That was a problem I often ran into when I started working entirely in markers.  I hated it.  I guess I lacked the patience to wait until my art was dry before plodding ahead with the next color.  You sure like these explanations a lot, huh?

Page 7

Radical Worm gets his own splash page as his goons corner Seth.  Oh no!  Look at all of his grenades!  *belch*

I was too lazy to draw stripes on his worm head, I guess.  Why is this suspenseful and dangerous?  Why do I end the issue here?  We all know that Seth can friggin' survive nuclear explosions at this point.  What threat could these assholes possibly pose to him?  GORB.

Also, the blue guy is missing his bandoleer.  This page gets a D-. See me after class, past self.

Tune in later for the next part of the thing.

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