Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sether in the Morff #21

SITM is now old enough to drink, issue-wise.  Let's get Crunque.

Shovel Craze

Spelling mistake count: 2  >_<
Seth is singing, "We're in the twenties," to be sung to the tune of 'We're in the Money.'

Apparently Cyber Seth returns in this issue; I swear I spelled his name correctly in his debut issue, but apparently I couldn't be bothered to consult the older issues.

Page 1

Keep your freinds close...
We open with a nice sexy shot looking down Cyber Seth's giant robot leg.  I sure did like that teal marker.  The spelling error count is up to 4 now.  Ass!

Page 2

Error count: 6
Seth pulls Hyper Seth power out of his ass.  It worked last time against Cyber Seth, why not try the same thing again?  Makes sense to my Mighty Brain Chunk.

Page 3

Cyber Seth activates his new jar... clamp... hands.  This is enough to contain Hyper Seth somehow.  Yup.  Look at how hideous that mess of marker scribbles is.

Page 4

Deus Ex Transformy-doo
Apparently Cyber Seth's jar thingy is Hyper-proof.  Why Dark One doesn't immediately deploy armor made out of this material to his entire army is beyond me.  Perhaps it is a costly substance.  Bluh?

Seth is puzzled, but then has an idea.  Rather than get a little light bulb over his head to represent this, his entire head transforms into a lightbulb, a process that is likely quite painful.  He then produces from thin-air the transform-controller thing first seen back in issue 8 or whatever, when he was fighting Bubble Man.  This time, instead of turning into clay, he turns green, and drippy...

Page 5

Snot Topic
Seth becomes Slime Seth.  Perhaps the least pleasant of his myriad forms, Seth melts into a puddle of goo, draining into some sort of duct in the floor of his Cyber Seth Cell.

I'm not sure what the original inspiration for Slime Seth was.  Slime was cool, of course.  Nickelodeon made constant use of slime; I even owned some Gak.  Of course, Earthworm Jim featured a level called 'Snot a Problem,' that featured a bungie jumping duel against a sapient booger-being.  Fucking Google it.

Anyway, slime was a cool thing to a 10-year-old, so why not add slime powers to Seth's arsenal of supernatural abilities?  AND SO IT WAS.

Page 6

Oozing into the internal mechanisms of Cyber Seth, Slime Seth cuts some sort of 'main spring.'  This causes Cyber Seth to explode.  Story checks out.

I like how the interior of Cyber Seth is just a nonsensical Rube Goldberg machine of various cogs, conveyor belts, and doodads.  Truly advanced technology.  Check out those slime scissors!  Such fun.

Page 7

I know that feel, Cyber Seth.
Now a flaming pile of rubble, Cyber Seth manages to say "I hate my life..."  I suddenly feel a pang of sympathy for him.

Thus concludes the issue.  I believe this was the last time Cyber Seth showed up.  I still see some potential left in him, though.

Back Page Bonus Idiocy

You are a pirate.
Scribbled on the back of the last page are a few doodles in pencil, difficult to make out against the marker bleed. 

One appears to be some sort of pirate ship creature, with... skis for feet?  He has cannons for arms, and a little cannon on his back, all of which have eyes for some reason.  I wonder if he was a scrapped villain idea?  The world may never know.

There is also an aborted drawing of Radical Worm.  Apparently I was unhappy with it for some reason?  

Enjoy the rest of your life.

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