Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sether in the Morff #24

I didn't update yesterday, but I'm updating today!  Keeping you on your toes over the weekend; what will he do?  Blugh?  Glurff? 

I Have a Master's in Fiction Writing

Legs are optional.
Some sort of robot trubs are depicted here.  Nebula's insane orange eyes look on as Seth struggles.  Let's see what happens!

Page 1

Paris in the the spring.
Our heroes are just chilling.  Zach detects a comet 'nearing nearing' the bad lands.  Badlands?  

I thought chess was pretty cool when I was a kid.  I was never any good at it.  My grandpappy would play me at chess and Stratego and never let me win.  He was/is a crusty old asshole.  He's still alive because he goes to the doctor all the time, spending all his money so he can continue to cling to life as a bitter, lonely old shit.  I think he's mostly a cyborg at this point.  Thanks for the $10 Fandango gift card, gramps!

Where was I?  Oh yeah, a dumb comic I made 18 years ago.

Page 2

So much text, so much potential for failure.
That jeep rocks, apparently.  Drawing vehicles is hard, okay?  I could draw spaceships until I passed out from malnutrition, but drawing cars has always been a challenge.  That jeep looks like a smooshed rectangle with wheels sticking out of the side.  I like the tire tracks it leaves behind on the fucking grass, though.  

The return of 'cool special effects man.'  Running gags!  I guess part of this page is cut off?  Shit.  It's been a while since we've had a mushroom cloud, too.  This page gets a 7/10.

Page 3

Beep boop: robots.
It's not a comet!  It's a crashed space ship!  Oh no!  A bunch of robot guys jump out of it.

These are supposed to be robot versions of the standard blue, four-eyed Dark One Men.  Their heads sort of look like a black-and-white beach ball.  Yay?

Page 4

I hope we had insurance.
The robots proceed to THROW THE JEEP!  OH DAMN!  OH DAMN!  OH DAMN!

Seth has had ENOUGH.  He does that stupid-looking bicycle kick thing.  Clang!

Page 5

Just like the Gypsy woman said!
Seth then unleashes a DRILL KICK!  FUCK YEAH!  But the robots get a hold on him.  This is a problem!

These robot guys were basically me stealing yet another idea.  Does anybody remember the beginning of the second season of Power Rangers?  Or whatever/whenever it was when Lord Zed replaced Rita as the main bad guy?  The Putties, the bog-standard minions that the Power Rangers dispatched effortlessly, were replaced by 'upgraded' Putties with a big 'Z' symbol on their chests.  They were tougher, and could only be destroyed by punching them in their big, obvious weak point (the Z).  So upgrading the toughness and threat level of the minions was an important step for upping the stakes in my tiny, impressionable mind.  

Page 6

The robots toss Seth into their ship, and blast off.  Zach and Jess regain consciousness too late to help me.  Oh-no!  What ever will become of Seth?  All of the answers will be revealed in time, child.  Now go and play with your coon hounds.  Don't forget to chop down a massive tree as some sort of rite of passage.  WASH THE INTESTINES! FUCK THAT MOUNTAIN LION!  ARRRRGGHH!!!

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