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Sether in the Morff #16


Cover Page

Perhaps I was being too harsh on issue 14; these later two installments of the Doom's Day mini series aren't an unreasonable length.  I know for a fact that later issues of SITM average a pathetic 3 pages or so, so apparently I still had the capacity for a modicum of length here.

ANWAY, we're back with the conclusion of the Doom's Day saga.  This cover... this cover... LOOK AT THIS LINK, DAMN YOU!

"That was what the reference," to quote a better comic.  Fire, and a mid-air uppercut.  Stealing it from Sonic.  That should be the official slogan of SITM.

Page 1

I don't like the look in Seth's eyes there...
Somehow, Seth tracks down Doom's Day, his powers returned.  Cocky revenge-juice literally oozes from his pores.  Brace yourselves for violence!

Page 2

Seth unleashes an idiotic series of attacks, knocking Doom's Day's little mask off.  In retaliation, he fires a NUCLEAR MISSILE OH MY GAAAAWWWDD!!!

Note that the Nuke resembles a Bullet Bill from the Marios.  Sacrilege, from a Sega-boy like me.  I guess I had a Playstation at this point, though, so my brand loyalty was already faltering.  

Page 3

Apparently, this page got cut off a bit while scanning.  I may go back and fix this, but probably not.

So Seth is nuked.  A nearby truck goes flying; the driver comments "Weird traffic."  HAHAHAH!!  NUKES ARE FUNNY!  JUST ASK JAPAN!

To continue the nuclear comedy romp, Zach is nearby, roasting a marshmallow on a stick in atomic hellfire.  Never mind that he should have been reduced to irradiated dust; these are WACKY NUKES!

As you'll see, I had a certain obsession with mushroom clouds.  They're fun to draw, and are a shorthand for devastation on a preposterous scale.  I had a book that had drawings of various types of modern warplanes, and on a few pages of this book were full color photographs of nuclear test detonations.  Apparently these images ingrained themselves on my young imagination.  MA-BA-SPLOO-SPLA!

Page 4

Again with the image oddly cropped; damn you scanner!
Emerging from the nuclear inferno like Sephiroth from the ruins of Nibelheim, Super Seth gives Doom's Day the Ultimate Upper Cut.  He strikes him with such force that they are both taken into the stratosphere.  Doom's Day's arms detach, and apparently I punch his (false?) teeth out, complete with blood.  Note that one tooth has a parachute, limbs, and a face.  The latent wackiness of the Morff manifests in mysterious ways.

We get an interesting look at a 'map' of the Morff here.  You can see Seth's home base in the lower left, outside the larger city where Dark One's base is located.  It's cut off a bit, but in the lower right hand corner is a red, wavy dimensional vortex that reads 'Exit.'  LAWL.

Page 5

Nuke count: 2
Oh Jebus.  Super Seth then PILE DRIVES DOOM'S DAY INTO A NUCLEAR POWER PLANT!  Another atomic explosion ensues.  Seth gives a thumbs up as he flies away.  How many people just died?  Holy hell, the collateral damage in this issue had to kill tens of thousands in a dense metropolis.  

When Seth seeks revenge, he doesn't cut corners.  There's no nuclear deterrent strategy here.  You attack with a nuke, you get nuked.  That's the way of the samurai.  GORF.

Remember to take your medisan kids.

Page 6

Even the captive Spirit of Funkitude gives a reluctant huzzah as the forces of good triumph, in the shadow of a goddamn nuclear holocaust.  However, it seems that Doom's Day may have survived!  OH NO!  Apparently the Morff is stocked with 'slap-on-the-wrist' nukes, like most anime worlds.

So ends the first 'mini series' in SITM.  It is far from the last, I assure you.

How can I possibly top two nuclear explosions in a single issue?  I can't.  I've jumped the shark for violence at this point.  


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