Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sether in the Morff #15

We last left our hero buried under a pile of rubble.  What will become of Seth?  Huh?  ANSWER ME DAMN YOU!!

Calm down.  Read on:

Cover Page

Use that red marker, son.
The cover features the pile of rubble with blood leaking out.  It looks more like chunks of meat on some red sauce, or a small pile of squirrel poop on a scrap of red cloth.  PART TWO COMMENCES:

Page 1

Pronounced: D-skull-skull-m's Day.
Doom's Day takes a moment to gloat over my corpse.  That's just mean of him.

Page 2

Spelling error count: 5
There's a lot of dialogue on this page, perhaps more than any previous issue.  This results in a painful number of mistakes and errors.  Apparently the word 'while' was the bane of my existence.  

Doc informs my brothers that I've been killed.  Jess only laments that I can't pay him back $20.  Comedy, even in the face of tragedy.

Apparently Doom's Day can turn his rocket arms into more functional robot hands.  He deposits my broken corpse before Dark One on a shitty-looking table.  Dark One is now at full chub.

Page 3

Right about now: the Funk Soul Brother.
With Seth no longer among the living, the Spirit of Funkitude emerges from his body.  In a surprising gesture of kindness, the spirit teleports Seth's corpse 'home.'  Considering he's been an unwilling prisoner in Seth this whole time, he's pretty chill about the whole thing.  He even takes a moment to blast Doom's Day with a ray of energy (although not actually killing him, for some reason.  Just a chastising energy blast, I guess).

Page 4

Confusion: 100%
Okay... so, I guess Seth wasn't actually dead?  Did the Spirit resurrect him?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Now, the flow of the dialogue bubbles in the first panel is atrocious.  It should read:
"I lost my power!"
"We got to catch it or go to the..."

The Pyramid of Funkatuid (sic) of course!  

If Seth lost his powers, how the hell does he get to the pyramid?  Without his powers, Seth is dressed in relatively normal-looking clothes.  Do we truly not have pants when we are 'empowered?'  I'm quite puzzled.

I also don't know what the hell the Pyramid of Funkatude is.  Have we been there before?  It must have appeared in one of the lost issues.  Guh...

Page 5

*asterisk notes are an important part of any serious comic book.
Again, I fail to maintain proper dialogue bubble flow.  It should read:
"This is where we got our power!"
"And where you got Super Seth."  (spelling errors corrected)

So they HAVE been to the Pyramid before.  Glad we cleared that up.  I guess Zach and Jess stumbled upon the Pyramid somehow, got some orbs, and were thus empowered to a level similar to me.  I sure loves me some orbs!

Page 6

You can't spell 'absorb' without 'orb.'
Grasping the Funk Orb, Seth is empowered once more.  Indeed, the Spirit of Funkitude is pulled unwilling back into Seth's body, disturbingly near his pelvis.  

To celebrate, Seth then EXPLODES WITH NOODLE ZANINESS.  His arms and legs contort into insane shapes, and his mouth detaches from his face.  Our Hero is back, folks.  

Page 7

Great job turning that 'b' into a 'p.'  A+
Powers restored, spirit imprisoned in my body once more, I crack my knuckles menacingly and plot my revenge.  Yes, violence will be answered with even more extreme violence.  Such is the way of the Morff, the way of the Samurai.  

What fate awaits Doom's Day?  Tomorrow: the thrilling conclusion to the Doom's Day saga!  DO YOU LOVE ME YET, FATHER?  AM I STILL NOT GOOD ENOUGH?  BLEOORGGH!!

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