Tuesday, March 1, 2016

SITM #41

Sether in the Morff Issue #41:  

The Revivalsurgevengencening


I bet that's the sound you're making right now, with your stupid gross mouth.  For god's sake, slammajam some Listerine up in that hole, you're grossing your coworkers out.

That's right, folks.  I've done the unthinkable, the irredeemable, and decided to continue Sether in the Morff from where it left off. The goal is to get to issue 50, finally take it out back, then tenderly put a bullet between its eyes as I squeeze out a few man tears.  

Without further ado:

Cover Page


It's alive.  It's alive!  IT'S ALLIIIIIIVVEE!!

Page 1


Page 2

Recommended listening: the Red Dragon original soundtrack.
So... as you can see, I've done my best to recreate the crappy stick-figure stylings of my 8-year-old self.  These pages were drawn on blank printer paper, like God intended, with Crayola markers and Crayola crayons.  Yes, I could have saved $3 on the generic Target brand kind, but dammit, there's tradition to uphold here.

I did no pre-drafting of any kind, drawing everything as it came to me, just like I did in the good old days.  Best of all, my handwriting hasn't improved.  In 20 years.  TAKE A LOOK AT THE OLD ISSUES.  It's the SAME HANDWRITING.  GOD DAMMIT, THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT.

Page 3

Fuck, I still can't read this shit.
We get a nice little recap from our hero here.  Some kind of space battle is happening or whatever.  It's dumb.  SCREEOOM!

Page 4

I can still fuck up spelling things.  I have a Master's in fiction writing.
My brothers return to the... paper screen?  I mess up spelling the word 'league,' but fuck if I'm going to shell out for whiteout on this nonsense.  I also attempt to write-off the League of Free Worlds here, since that was dumb and basically plagiarism.  Can't do that no more!

Page 5

 Don't worry, Clyde is still here.  I believe there's a continuity error here: I think Clyde was in one of the black stealth ships, but whatever, now he's in his blue ship with all the guns.

Page 6

An end!
Before the Brothers Three can reach their target, they are intercepted by a dumb killer robot I pulled out of my ass.  It doesn't have a name yet.  Obitumatic?  Attrocitron?

I used to crap out one of these things in an hour, but this took me several evenings; adding crayon coloration certainly adds some time!  I need to look in to scanning these things at a lower resolution; that might let me post them in actual size, large enough that they're easier to read.  Not that anything I'm writing matters in the slightest.

Stay tuned for more updates!  YES!