Monday, July 20, 2015

Sether in the Morff #25

I have a headache, so let's make this quick:

The Covery Doo

Need... ibuprofen...
This cover page is all over the place.  Seth runs from a giant flaming maniacal Nebula skull.  Various supporting cast members look on.  There's Dark One robe-goon without any legs (why?), while Dark One himself looks on menacingly.  I fucked up when I drew him, and colored in his head with black before adding his eyes.  It's hard to see, but I drew his eyes on anyway, the red marker just faintly visible as a slightly darker patch on his head.  Whoops!

Page 1

We find Seth regaining consciousness onboard the ship what captured him.  See those weird designs on the ship?  Those are supposed to be circuitry.  I thought circuitry was a very futuristic, high-tech looking thing, so on the ship it goes.  

Look at all of those stars.  One of them is a Star of David!  HAHAHAH!!  I learned how to draw the Star of David before the typical pentagonal star.  I was very star-inclusive when it came to drawing SPAAACE.

Page 2

We meet at last!
Seth walks into a transparent pane of 'fiber glass.'  Look, I thought fiber glass was basically just a stronger version of normal glass.  I was young, and ignorant of the world.  

Seth and Dark One actually bandy words, for once.  I'm not sure this has ever happened so far.  I'm sure we're in for a rich, vitriolic exchange with clever wordplay.

Page 3

Exposition brought to you by Evil.
Dark One fills Seth in on the plan, even showing a little picture of Nebula in his dialogue balloon for some reason.  The page is cut off a bit again.  In the third panel, Dark One is supposed to be saying "Nebular, my master, who soon will have that spirit."  (referring to the spirit of Funkatude, keep up people)

You know, I don't think I even knew what a nebula was when I made this.  I had heard the word, and I thought it sounded cool, so I made it the name of an insane skeleton genie.

Page 4

Comin' comin'  ...  *sigh*
Seth is taken to Nebula's spooky room.  Nebula is supposed to be saying 'Come in, come in,' but I f'd that up.  Check out Nebula's skeleton hand!  So cool.

Page 5

I failed to spell 'continued' correctly, in case you were wondering.
Wasting no time, Nebula has Seth strapped into what must be the Robo Buster?  It sure looks different from when last we saw it.  I guess now it's just a table with a laser hanging over it.  

The operation: it will proceed.

Stuff will happen next time!  Look out!  Bloooogh!  (That auto-corrected to 'bologna,' which is also a fun word to say for no reason.)


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