Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sether in the Morff #28

Cover Page

No upper left box?  SACRILEGE!
Here begins 'X-2,' the second arc of SITM.  With the conclusion of the Dark One / Nebula storyline, a new threat emerges for the gang.

I always liked this cover page.  Just the three bros, chilling, leaning against stuff like all cool people did in the 90's.  

I've always wondered: are we wearing pants?  Our naked legs just lead straight into our oval-shaped torsos.  Are we just wearing weird legless onesies?  I think I pictured us wearing shorts, but never bothered drawing any more detailed clothing if I could at all avoid it.

Also, I hated noses.  I hated drawing them, and there was even something about them when I was a kid that I really disliked.  The fact that my characters are basically just yellow smiley-faces was a deliberate decision as much as it was based on my relative lack of artistic skill.  There's something about a noseless, hairless face I really liked.  The plainness allowed any expression to be amplified, and the symbolic or iconic nature of the face was like an empty vessel for my imagination, the better to allow me to occupy the fantasies contained within.  It wasn't until I read Scott McCloud that I was able to put these thoughts into words, though; this was all an impulse when I originally made these as a child.

Page 1

Getting a little snippy with the meta commentary.
Enough of that nonsense!  Back to the silliness!  We left our heroes to an unknown fate as they were caught in a massive explosion.  What has become of them?

Page 2

New power: force field.
Ah, lots of text = more chances for embarrassing spelling mistakes. The boys explain to the home team that they were almost killed by a bomb.  Seth says the person who wrote the note signed it with the initial "R."  A mystery is about to unfold!

I remember being really proud of that fire in the first panel.

Page 3

Zach dons his headphones, which signals that he's about to do some serious information retrieval.  For a moment he is stymied, before discovering what we knew all along: Radical Worm apparently has it out for our heroes. 

Big chunky computers!  Ah, the 90's.  

Page 4

Wot?  Wat?  
We cut to Radical Worm himself, who now has an Evil Dictator Chair. He's also received a wardrobe update, now clad in black with a stylish red cape.  He also has a sniveling minion who remains nameless. 

Note that the sniveling minion is clad in Earthworm Jim's exact freaking super suit.  Mmmmyep.  He gets zapped on the ass as punishment for his failure.  

Page 5

We end with an ominous splash page.  Radical Worm has set his sights on Earth!  What could this mean for our heroes?  Oh dear!

This is a minor point, but the 'R' on the top of his chair should be  backwards if it reads the right way from the front.  DERP.

Irritating Back Page I thought was a good idea for some reason


The back of the issue promises the arrival of a new character soon. Who could it be?  Are they friend, or foe?  They seem to have something to do with a blue skull.  I sure did like drawing skulls. Still do!


Sorry folks, but SITM will be taking a break for a little while.  There's still 12 issues to go, but I'm going on a little vacation of sorts for the next 11 days or so.  I won't have access to my computer, so no updates for me!

This seems like as good a time as any for an intermission, though.  X-2 has just begun, and a whole new cast of characters awaits us.  I hope you will return to join me in early August as I bring this mess to a conclusion.


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