Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sether in the Morff #27

Cover Page

Cylindrical Mysteries
This cover features the mysterious cylindrical object hurtling toward our heroes from the end of the previous issue.  Look at the little face in the upper corner!  He's all puzzled!  Derp?

Page 1

Dat table perspective. 
Prometheus seems really upset about this object.  Where the hell is the camera that's providing them with that visual feed?  That's a nice potted plant on the table.

Also, that red marker I used for the title must have been on its last legs.  I hope I threw it away shortly afterward.

Page 2

*made, not 'maid.'  God dammit.
We return once again to the snowy area of the Morff, the 'Ice Lands.'  It's impossible to read, but there's a little arrow pointing that reads 'snowmobiles!'  Yes, those are snowmobiles the crew is rolling in.  I guess I thought they had tank treads?  

The 'ka-BLAM' noise as the object hits the mountain was a reference to the Nickelodeon show of the same name, Kablam!  I liked that show, in case you were wondering.  You're supposed to read it like the voice over guy did for the show.  "Kaa-BLAM!"

Anyway, it makes an avalanche.  

Page 3

Wackiness at critical mass!
Spelling mistakes aside, there's a lot going on in that first panel!  I loved 'chaos panels,' and loved to 'over do it.'  Amidst the avalanche are various easter eggs, such as a penguin, a skeleton hand, a snowman, and even Sonic the Hedgehog himself, who mutters 'The things I do for my reputation..."

There's also a 'commercial' for Good Year tires, for some reason.  I don't know why in God's name I put it there.  

Anyway, following the avalanche, the team climbs the rest of the way on foot.  "Look, it says something!" observes Zach.  Some of those 'S's' look pretty wonky.  It sounds like steam escaping!

Page 4

There's a little plaque on the cylinder thing that reads: 
"Dear Seth and his twits, this is a boomb! (sic)"
Signed, R

Who could R be?  What villain's name prominently features an R?  Surely, not Radical Worm?  (spoiler alert)

Anyway, the brothers three all feel like suckers before a massive explosion destroys the entire mountain range.  That's mushroom cloud #5 or so.  Woo!

That's also where I decide to end this one.  Four pages!  Deal with it!  Sadly, many of these later issues will prove extremely brief in duration.  I'm not sure why this is; perhaps I had a shorter attention span, or maybe I just wanted to rack up the issue count artificially.  

And in case you're wondering why there's marker bleed-through on this page...

Bonus Back Page

I drew a skull and crossbones with a 'sucker' on it.  Just to hammer the point home, I guess.  

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