Friday, July 17, 2015

Sether in the Morff #23

What was the name of Godzilla's idiotic son?  I watched that awful movie many times when I was young, but I don't think it ever worked its way into SITM.  Where was I?  Oh yeah:

Cover Thingy

This is one of my favorite covers, actually

What's this?  A skeleton hand holding a glowing amalgam of the various symbols we've seen?  What could it be?  READ ON:

Page 1

We rejoin Dark One as he lands his cruiser in Nebula's castle, hovering in the madness of the Pandimensionality.  I honestly don't know what that dialogue thingy says.  'Landing process' is my best guess.  

A number of colorful, caped gentlemen seem to be waiting for Dark One and his retinue. 

Page 2

Bro grabs.
Scythe and Dark One engage in some sick-nasty Bro Grabs.  I like that he apparently has a sense of camaraderie with his fellow black-cape guys.  Glad to see I finally spelled Scythe's name correctly. 

Look at Radical Worm!  He's an ice-cold killa!  What a magnificent Thug Bastard.  God, this page is awesome.  I rock.

Radical finds the various flavors of Dark One clones to be weird.  We're right there with you, bro.  When I made this, I think I just wanted to have a bunch of 'lesser Dark Ones' standing around.  My adult mind has come up with this justification: these are the various servants of Nebula, each tasked with subjugating a different dimension.  It's CANON NOW ASSHOLES!  

Page 3

Oh dear!
Scythe leads Dark One to a dark room, where a glowing orb rests on a pedestal.  Emerging from it is a giant, flaming, screaming skull.

Page 4

Ah, here we have our first good look at Nebula.  Apparently he's some kind of grim reaper skeletor guy.  

I believe I had recently watched Disney's Hercules when I made this.  The way Hades would go from calm and collected to FUCKING PISSED amused me greatly, so I did the same thing for Nebula.  He also sounds like James Woods, for the record.

Nebula's design is also heavily based off of the main bad guy from the Sega Genesis game Strider.  The Grand Master (link, had to Google it).  He was this black-cloak clad, cackling, energy-firing, creepy-fingered guy who I thought was MAD WICKED DOPE.  HNNGH THE FEELS.

Page 5

Dat splash page, though.  Apparently Nebula does not like the Spirit of Funkitude.  Looks like Seth is caught in the middle of some sort of trans-dimensional hate-crush.

Page 6

You got a little something on your face, there, Radical Worm.
So apparently Nebula's plan is to shove Seth into some sort of devious-looking, James Bond villain contraption.  Because that worked so well last time...  *sigh*

These poor assholes don't even realize they've already lost at this point.  Spoiler alert.

Page 7

Nebula enjoys a well-earned villainous monologue, followed by a hearty Evil Laugh.  He's a bad egg!  I hope he gets what's coming to him.  DERF.

We'll rejoin the Three Stooges next issue.

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