Monday, July 13, 2015

Sether in the Morff #19

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I guess I skipped updating again yesterday.  Maybe Sundays are when I don't update?  I can't commit to that, though.  Derp?

Tidal Phage

No spelling mistakes so far...
On to part 2 of the Death Pod Saga.  BUCKLE UP, BUTTERCUP!

Page 1

When we last left our hero, Seth was cornered by Radical Worm and some henchmen after stealing vital Death Pod weakness data on a floppy disk.  

Why does Seth have a gun?  WHY!?  I guess 'cause he was doing spy stuff?  So he drops his gun, but that doesn't matter, because...

Page 2

Wap!  Zat!  Bonk!
Seth disarms the red guy while the blue guy misses horribly.  So much for that attempt at suspense and danger.  Seth runs back the way he came, jumping into a free fall.  Why is he scared?  Can't he fly?  I like how pissed Radical Worm is in that first panel. 

Page 3

The Star Wars Reference
So seth plummets back down to the ground, landing face-first.  But it's all good!  He's unharmed, and the disk is undamaged!  WEE!  

We then cut to a mission briefing ripped straight from the steaming corpse of Star Wars.  Doc points out the weakness of the Death Pod. It's probably about as wide as a womp rat.  Blurrggh...

Page 4

Those shoes, though.
The good guys scramble for their ships.  Seth is Purple Leader, Jess is Red Leader, etc.  The references.  The plagiarism.  It is thick and rich.  

I thought Zach being sick was the heigh of hilarity.  It's a bit cut off, but he's saying "Green Leader ready to puke."  HAHAHAHAHHAAAAAGH!

Page 5

They came from... behind...
The good guy attack squadron sets off to the Death Pod, intent on mass-scale violence.  Look!  In that first panel, Prometheus is piloting a ship!  Good for him!  I thought he always stayed behind at the base, but I guess this time he's going to get a piece of the action.  His acid blood is pumping with excitement.  

Where did we get all of these other people to fly the ships?  There's at least four other people piloting those things... I guess there's a whole group of people in the Morff opposed to the Dark One?  I don't know.

Actually, I recall that some of my actual friends had a minor presence in the Morff.  They pretty much only showed up to pilot extra ships for situations like these.  So Josh, Alan, and Max are probably flying some of those ships, even if I haven't introduced them properly yet.

Note also that the blue ships, the kind that Jess pilots, have undergone a redesign.  They've lost their rocket fish tails, and are now just spheres, basically.  Also, the green ships have permanently lost their side rockets.  Only the red ships remain basically unchanged. 

Next issue: the thrilling conclusion to the Death Pod saga!  Please make my pain end!

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