Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sether in the Morff #40

This is it, folks.  The end of the original SITM series.  Do you need a moment?  I'll wait.  

You okay?  It's alright, man.  All good things must come to an end. 

Let's end this.

Cover Page

Why, this looks like something someone with slightly more artistic skill might have created!  For what it's worth, I think my drawing skills had developed since the earliest days.  It's interesting to compare this issue with the horrors of say, issue #8.

Page 1

Our heroes go to the 'air dock,' where the new stealth ships await. They're black, and sleek, so you know they're stealth!  Aww yiss.

Note the scurrying chaos of little pencil stick men in the dock.  It's hard to make out, but there's all sorts of weird easter eggs and visual gags going on.  There's a bar with drunk people staggering about, I think somebody is getting shot, there's a guy about to fly off into space (his lifeline is severed), there's people hanging on to the 'Air Dock 3' sign.  Waldo is even in there somewhere.  Can you find him?

Yes, this was almost certainly inspired by the Where's Waldo? books.  NOSTALGIA IS A DRUG.  DON'T MAKE NANCY REAGAN MAD!

Page 2

Attempts at ambient lighting!
Yes, the interior of the stealth ships have a greenish glow, making me draw everything in green marker.  Okay?  Derp?  The mission begins!

Page 3

Laziness strikes again!
As the squadron of stealth fighters approaches the bulk of Radical's fleet, I forget to color them in with black colored pencil, or draw the blue contrail of their engines.  This is a hefty issue; I've got 9 pages to get through, damn it!  Let's keep moving!

Page 4

The battle begins!  Zoomed out, everybody appears as little dots.  Look at all them lasers!

Page 5

The battle rages.  Dog fights!  In space!  This was important to me as a child!

Page 6

Our heroes zero in on a POW transport ship.  They can't just blow it up!  What are they going to do?  HUH?

Page 7

Colony Wars game mechanics!
Yes, in the game Colony Wars, sometimes you had to disable enemy ships by using EMP guns against them.  Typically the disabled ship would then be towed away by a frigate.  Just aping Colony Wars here.  Move along.

Page 8

Our heroes focus on Radical's capital ship, the Mega Cruiser.  The League sends in a destroyer to help the stealth fighters.

Page 9

Having none of this, Radical orders the League destroyer... destroyed.  Our heroes are in for a fight!  What will they do?


Bonus Page

On the back of the last page, in pencil, I drew this weird doodle.  All of the major characters are standing around, as Seth says "Hey guys!  We're almost to 50 issues!"  :(

The peace sign is up there for no reason, as well as Kenny from South Park, about to be hit by an anvil.  This dates this episode around 1997, when South Park first came out, so I would have been 10 years old or so at the conclusion of SITM.  

To the right of Clyde is a character a friend of mine designed, some sort of super hero.  His name was Mike (my friend), so perhaps the character was named Mike?  He flew around on a magic flying saucer skateboard thing, and he had a cape.  We sat around and drew stupid crap together several times, and had a blast.  This was the first cameo of Mike's character, but I guess I never got around to a proper collaboration.  What a loss!

Well, so ends SITM.  My young mind was already becoming aware of how crappy SITM was, and wanted to move on to something more serious.  Oddly, I kept these old comics in better condition than anything that came after them; much has been lost, but the bulk of SITM has always been stowed away safely in folders.  I even lugged them with me to college and back.

Now they will reside on the internets with my bizarre commentary, until the day society collapses.  Cherish this record of priceless historical artifacts, you philistines.  

Stay tuned for future updates!  Or don't!

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