Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sether in the Morff #38

Cover Page

The cover of issue 38 is pretty hard to decipher.  What we're supposed to be looking at is the side of a green space ship, with 'L.W.' on the side of the hull.  What could this mean, you may wonder?  Well, buckle up.  We're about to fuse SITM with... fan fiction?

Page 1

So just as it looks like all is lost, and our heroes are about to be destroyed by a massive fleet of enemy ships, a large green space ship uncloaks and attacks the villains.  Clyde seems to know what's up.  But who could these folks be?

Page 2

Blam!  Boom!
The new ship dispatches Radical's forces with ease.  The boys seem confused, but Clyde claims they are his partners...

Page 3

So Clyde's partners are the 'League of Free Worlds.'  This is the name of the rebellious faction from the video game Colony Wars I've mentioned in earlier updates.  Rather than adapting them, or making something new based off of them, I just fucking put the League in SITM for no reason other than I was really obsessed with the game at the time.  

Aboard the League destroyer (Goliath), they meet Captain John Elway.  


Look, I don't like sports very much.  Even as a kid, I couldn't tell you the first thing about real-life John Elway.  I just needed a name for this captain character, and John Elway was all I could come up with.  It's a good name, I guess?  Feck.

So he's the Captain/General of the League of Free Worlds.  In the Colony Wars video game, the leader of the league was a mysterious figure known only as 'the Father.'  I needed something a little more personable. 

Note those yellow blobs on Elway's shoulders: those are those little tassel-thingys you see on old-school military uniforms.  I thought those things were the best.  He also has a little whip... stick... cane thing, for some reason.  He also has hair!  A little yellow line sticks out of his head, perhaps to better differentiate him from the rest of the yellow smiley-face cast.  He also definitely seems to be wearing pants, unlike everybody else.

Page 4


So I guess Radical Worm didn't capture the entire human race?  I guess they have a fleet of powerful warships?  The League?  Where were they when Radical was attacking Earth?  Why didn't they stop him from kidnapping all of humanity?  You're guess is as good as mine.

Apparently they have a plan to attack Radical.  Great!

It's hard to read, but that cramped little box in the lower right corner reads:

"To be continued.  Looks like the boys ran into yet another unexpected twist!"

Thanks for that commentary, past-self.  You're the epitome of wit.

Check out that spread, though!  Jello, turkey... a bowl of orange circles.  Dee-lish. 

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