Monday, August 17, 2015

Sether in the Morff #33

Aw hell, I gone and done missed two days in a row with them updates.  Tarnation!  What if there was a nation that primarily exported tar? Would it be a Tarnation?  Look, I had a series of nasty headaches, there's a really bad heat wave going on, California is basically on fire again, what more excuses do you demand of me?  We're almost done with this atrocity of a comic series.  I guess I'm trying to prolong the magic.  

Cover Page

I guess black pen was more economical than black marker?
Actually, I bet my black marker ran out of ink after using it too much.  Black markers have a tendency to do that.  Especially black wet erase markers.  Anybody remember those weird overhead projectors they used back in school?  Do people still use those?  Or do they staple iPads to the wall?  HUNGH?

Anyway, this cover depicts the Brothers Three in some sort of satellite spaceship thingy.  Those hemispherical windows... I thought hemispherical windows were cool.  They reminded me of two things: my submarine Legos, which featured 'glass bubble' cockpits, and the giant transparent plastic bubble windows you might find at a McDonald's play place or a DZ DISCOVERY ZONE.  Ah, the smell of feet still haunts me.  

Basically, what is about to transpire is based off a fantasy of mine: to have, own, and live inside a spaceship or space station reminiscent of a DZ Discovery Zone.  I could do anything there, on my own.  DZ: Where Kids Want To Be.

Fuuuuck people are probably calling the police on me right now.  This might be my last update before the White Coats take me away.  I JUST WANTED A MCDONALDS PLAYPLACE SPACE STATION IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK?

Page 1

The title of this episode is: "Beam me up, Scotty!"  A phrase which apparently is never actually uttered in Star Trek.  I don't think I had ever watched Star Trek, but I knew the phrase and its implications.  

It's difficult to decipher, but this page depicts our heroes getting beamed up into one of Radical Worm's giant saucer ships.  

Page 2

Using color is difficult. 
The gang materialize inside Radical's ship.  But is there a party of armed guards waiting to subdue them?  Of course not.  Security is pretty lax aboard this ship.  I guess there's Union regulations to worry about.  Everybody was on their lunch break.

Page 3

Wandering the hallways unchallenged, our heroes make their way to a docking bay, where there is an undefended ship just sitting there.  God dammit, Radical.  You deserve to lose at this point.  How did this asshole conquer the entire human race?

Page 4

Splash page necessity = 0%
FINALLY security shows up.  A bit slow on the draw there fellas.  I mean, they were basically at your mercy, floating helplessly in space.  You could have organized things a little better before beaming them up.  Sweet Dagon what's wrong with these guys?

Page 5

I guess somebody left the keys?
Our boys begin their escape.  The guards' guns are pretty useless, surprising nobody. 

Page 6

So they didn't even TRY to shoot them down as they escaped?  They just sort of let them go?  Why?  Just... why?

The real culprit here is that I had written myself into a corner by having the team captured, and I didn't feel like making a more logical escape sequence.  I just had this idea for a bubble-glass ship thing, and I wanted to get our heroes inside it as quickly as possible.  

Page 7

So close to no grammatical errors...
Zach notices the various buttons, levers, and gauges, and enthusiastically declares that this ship has 'got it all.'  Seth then has some sort of epiphany.  Derp?

Page 8

Despite having been inside this ship for all of five minutes, Seth knows how to disengage his little pod thing.  Miraculously, the pod thing comes equipped with cans of purple and blue spray paint, along with robotic arms to manipulate the cans with.  

Seth then proceeds to spray a new logo on the side of the ship.  This is of course the first order of business.  Not worrying about pursuit.  Not trying to figure out how to save the human race.  No. Defacing property with spray paint.  Story checks out.

Page 9

An End.
So... the heroes have a new ship!  Hooray!  Mission accomplished!  Bring out boys home!  AAAARRRRGGHH!!!!

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