Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sether in the Morff #31

Aw Jiminy Chrimbus, I forgot to update this thing yesterday, and today is almost over!  I'm falling apart at the seams.  GERF.

Cover Page

I don't really know what's going on with this cover page.  I think it's supposed to be some sort of high-tech targeting reticule or HUD.  Kind of like Predator or Terminator or something.  Maybe it's supposed to be Clyde looking down the scope of a laser gun at me?  Blerg?

Page 1

Perspective is hard to draw.
When we last left our heroes, Zach had been shot off a cliff by some Australian asshole.  What a dick.

Page 2

In a more blatant display of power than we've probably seen him do so far, Zach turns into a green comet-thing and rockets back up out of the gully.  Good for you, Zach!

Page 3


Clyde apparently has 'hammer space' when it comes to guns, as he pulls an even bigger, more absurd-looking weapon out of his ass.  A well placed purple shield thing deflects the laser and saves Zach.  Notice that I fucked up a panel in the upper right of that last panel.  I made the rebounding laser go towards it, and tried to pass it off as 'smoke' as it hit something.  I'm not buying it, past me, and neither is the audience.  TRY HARDER.

Page 4

Cham?  Cham!  Cham!
Jess manages to knock Clyde unconscious somehow with a massive salvo of laser fire from his ship, miraculously leaving him alive instead of a smoldering crater.  

Fun Fact: the red 'cham cham' laser sequence was stolen from Sonic the Hedgehog 3!  There's this part near the end of the first level, before you fight Robotnik at the waterfall, when this airship thing drops bombs.  The 'cham' sound was me copying the noise they made as they exploded, and they made weird little mushroom explosions sort of like the ones near Clyde in that second panel.  Aren't you interested by this?  Huh?  SHUT UP!

Page 5

Oh dear!
Holy crap!  Look at how angry Clyde is!  His head is about to explode with fury.  Fortunately, before he can have an aneurism, Radical Worm captures everyone involved.  Notice that the gun that stuns everyone is in fact the 'Spaze' cannon from like the second issue or whatever.  I kept bringing back that stupid gun design.

How the hell did Radical manage to sneak a bunch of men and a spaze cannon near the group?  Were they so distracted by Clyde's frothing fury?  Who knows.  It looks like the gang's in trouble again!  

I'll make up my lack of updates to you tomorrow!  I promise!  I'll make it all better, baby.  Just give me a chance.  *belch*

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