Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sether in the Morff #34

Cover Page

Get ready for crap!
Ah, issue 34.  Not only is it hilariously short, clocking in at 3 pages not counting the cover, but it also harbors one of the most horrible bits of strangeness of any SITM comic.  It's... 'unique.'

Page 1

Wait for it...
We join our heroes as they further explore the ins and outs of their new ship-thing.  Apparently solar panels alone are enough to power this thing as it soars through the stars.  Great!  I like the freaking hanging microphones used as a PA system.  And of course, Clyde is happy to see that it is armed with laser turrets.  But Hark!  An enemy cruiser approacheth! 

Page 2

OH HOLY LORD MY EYES!  What is going on here?  Why is everything brown?  

I don't remember the exact circumstances, but one of two things probably happened: either we ran out of printer paper, and I was too impatient to wait for my parents to buy more, or my Mom was trying to persuade me to stop wasting all the printer paper, and bought this brown shitty paper for me to draw on instead.

Either way, the last two pages of this mess are drawn on this really soft, recycled-feeling brown paper.  Hooray!  

The guys are getting attacked by enemy fighters.  Radical Worm appears on a little console thing and says 'Take no prisoners!'  I guess he's finally abandoned the whole prisoner-taking strategy.  Good for him!  It didn't seem to be working for him.

The enemy lasers hit the shields of our heroes' ship.  Yes, it has shields.  Those little blue things are the shields at work.  They also make the sound 'tor! tor! tor!' which was my way of copying the sound your shields make in the video game Colony Wars.

Colony Wars was a spaceship dogfighting game for Playstation.  I think I was just starting to fall in love with this game, because it's going to make a much more blatant appearance in relatively short order.  I'll explain more about it when the time comes.

Page 3

What is wrong with Clyde?
Mercifully, we end this on a cliffhanger.  That brown paper really sucks.  I used 8 exclamation points in that first panel with Jess.  !!!!!!!!

Thankfully that brown paper will not make a second appearance.  Things will return to normal soon.

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