Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sether in the Morff #36


Cover Page

Shitty spaceships on yellowed paper!
I don't even remember what's going on.  Do you?  Feck.

Page 1

Our heroes return to Earth, where they left their spaceships.  I'm surprised that Radical Worm and his cronies didn't steal them or blow them up.  Actually, I'm not.  His ineptitude is well established at this point.  Look at that idyllic fucking scene in the last panel.  Green grass, poofy clouds, and a yellow shining sun.  Keep in mind that not far off is the devastated, burnt, destroyed remnants of a human city.  Hooray!

Page 2

Oh Jesus God in Heaven, why?
So Clyde returns with his own fancy ship, loaded up with guns of course.  What does he call this machine of war?  The 'Clyde-o-scope.'  As in kaleidoscope.  It's a pun.  Why did I think that was cool?  What the hell was wrong with me?  What the hell IS wrong with me?  I can't see the sky anymore.  Just a bunch of disembodied doll faces weeping blood.  IA!  IA!  FHTAGN!!

Page 3

At least it's not four pages...
So then, like, Seth puts on a fucking general's outfit, like he's George Patton or some shit, and gives an idiotic inspirational speech.  I guess you're supposed to get pumped for another mindless space battle?  "We're gana win!"  *belch*

I sure am glad this atrocity is almost over.  My brain can't really come up with much more commentary that hasn't already been said.  Sadly, we haven't even begun to see the final acts of Epic Stupidity that await.  I'm probably going to have a stroke before this is all over.  NOBODY GETS ANY OF MY STUFF!!

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