Friday, August 14, 2015

Sether in the Morff #32

Cover Page

So our heroes + the Australian are captured and in a ship, on their way to... some sort of fate.  Let's see what happens to them!

Page 1

Spelling error count: 5
This page is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors.  It makes me weak in the knees and bladder.  Ick.  At least I started spelling Clyde's name right.

So the gang are just hanging out in a cell on Radical's ship.  He was kind enough to provide them with a crate to sit on.  How nice!  Why hasn't he flooded the room with poison gas, or shot them out into the vacuum of space?  He could blow up the ship, or drive it into the Sun... there are so many options.  But for some reason, capture is the only thing the villains in this comic appear capable of doing.

Notice that Clyde's yellow flesh often turns green, due to the wet yellow marker mixing with the wet blue marker.  Some patience would have prevented this, but I drew these things at the SPEED OF ECTO COOLER FUELED MADNESS.

Page 2

Oh jesus... 
Wow, I messed up that second panel something fierce.  I think what I was trying to draw originally was Zach or Jess tossing Seth the 'transformy remote thingy' but wound up drawing Seth in that panel... after I had drawn him tossing the remote?  So I scribbled out the dialogue balloon... and I think I screwed up something on that door as well, because there's that awful black scribble thing on it.  

I should have just scrapped this page and started over, but no, I tried to salvage it somehow.  I guess Radical Worm and his men failed to search our heroes before imprisoning them.  So now, instead of turning into Clay Seth or Slime Seth, Seth turns into... Dynamite Seth?  How is this going to work?

Page 3

So... Seth blows himself up?  But he emerges unscathed, and nobody else in the room was harmed.  I guess it worked in Vectorman logic, where Vectorman could turn into a bomb and blow himself up and then just re-construct and proceed as normal.  Who knows?

Anyway, the boys escape, but a security camera sees them escaping!  

Page 4

Deploy the goons!
Radical Worm sends his henchmen to intercept our heroes.  I was curious if he still had the blue 'Dark One men' in his employment, and this confirms that he does.  What do we call them now?  Radical Worm Men?  Do these poor four-eyed blue guys have an identity of their own?  What's their rich backstory?

I don't think they have one.

Page 5

Fight scene!
I like that first panel; a general chaos fight scene.  The guy wielding a chair steals the scene for me.  Why do they have a wooden chair on a space ship?  Why not?

Instead of resolving the fight, they boys jump through a plot hole and into some space suits.  At least the airlock has a turny-wheel handle instead of a regular door knob.

Page 6

Great plan, guys.
So... the escape plan is just to jump out into space.  Story checks out.  Great splash page.  9/10.

Page 7

Clyde: thinking about oxygen since 1996ish.
Despite a brief respite, our heroes find themselves at the mercy of one of Radical's big saucer-cruiser-carrier things.

Page 8

I end with a giant close-up splash page cliffhanger of stupidity.  Hooray!

Back Page

On the back, I promise that something is 'coming soon,' displaying the 'X2' logo with a little rocket flying around it.

This was part of a grandiose idea that was promptly abandoned, but I'll get further into it, and the weird mechanizations of my young mind, during the next update.

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