Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sether in the Morff #35

Aw geez, I forgot to update yesterday.  I'm really slipping up.  DERF.

Cover Page

Explosion, flower, or popcorn?
This issue promises to be quite EXPLOSIVE!  Get it?  HAHA HURR HURR.

Page 1

Blamo!  Kablamz!
This issue, entitled 'Blamo!' begins with some space combat.  I guess this was inspired by the scene in Star Wars where the Millennium Falcon fights off some TIE fighters with swivel turret lasers or whatever.  

Page 2

I guess I didn't know how to spell eject.  Close, but no cigar.

After all that build up and all that explanation, I just blow up their new spaceship.  I guess I was tired of that idea.  I originally planned on it being their new mobile base or something, but no, let's just blow it to smithereens. 

Page 3

What's this?
Clyde fails to eject properly, but apparently it doesn't matter, because now he has super powers or something.

Page 4

The end?
So I guess Clyde now has super powers.  Perhaps the very violence of the explosion gave him violence powers, since he's all about violence?  I never even read Punisher comics, but Clyde seems to be a similar sort of archetype: skulls, ammo bandoleers, and guns.  I refer to the Punisher as 'Violence Man,' (which is also a reference to something!  Can you guess what it is?), because Violence is what he do.

I wonder if I lost a page to this comic, or if I forgot to formally end it, but this is where issue 35 comes to a close.  Riveting, no? So what will happen to our boys in space now?  I DUNNO!  ACTUALLY I DO!  AND IT'S DUMB!

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