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Intermission: Vectorman

Intermission Continues


We've got one more comic before we resume the epic that is Sether in the Morff.  This is yet another 'fan comic' if you will, based off of a video game I loved as a youngling.  I recovered this particular document during my hiatus in Ohio.  On the back of it, my Mom noted that I was 9 years old at the time, which dates it around 1996.

Cover Page

Vect R Man
This was my best attempt at recreating the title screen from the Sega Genesis game Vectorman (which auto-correct insists is actually the word 'Victorian'), which you may recall me mentioning back in SITM #8 or whatever it was, where Bubbleman first showed up.

Vectorman was a game populated by various robots, all of them made out of spheres.  Orbots, I believe they were called (it's a pun.  Orb-bots, get it?).  Not only did I like this games visual style, but I also liked the fact that orbots were really easy to draw; just a bunch of floating circles!  Easy!

WARNING: double-sided page bleed-through ahead.  AIIIGEERRGGHHH!!

Page 1

Good job, 9-year-old me.  F-
What the hell are we even looking at?  Allow me to do a visual translation:

So... Vectorman could transform into various things.  Drills, bombs, fish... he was a talented guy.  Now, the second level featured Vectorman becoming a train, for some reason, riding on a single train track suspended miles above the ground for some reason.  I'm must as confused as you are.

Now, the bad guy in Vectorman was an orbot called 'Warhead.'  He had a nuclear missile for a head.  Considering my obsession with nuclear explosions, it's no wonder this game made such an impact on me.  Derp.

Anyway, Warhead spent this level hanging from under the train tracks, trying to do Vectorman harm for... reasons.  I think all of the orbots went crazy while Vectorman was in space doing a mission, and when he came back he had to fight them to save humanity when they came back to Earth, since they were taking a long-term space vacation, kind of like Wall-E.  Am I even making sense?  Look, just look up Vectorman on wikipedia or something if you're so goddamn curious, okay?  I've got things to do, like post 19-year-old child scribblings on the internet. 

The dialogue in this comic is particularly obtuse.  I think Vectorman is saying: "Things look too humble (?).  This could be a trap!"

Then Warhead says: "A good guess!"  Such a rapport these two have.  I ship it.

Page 2

BATANG!  Splash page!  YEAH!
Warhead breaks the train tracks!  Woo!  I remember liking this drawing a lot.  Warhead's a badass.  "Batang" was my approximation of the sound he made in the game as his hands grabbed the train tracks.  Youtube it or something.  Balls.

Page 3

Great use of space, there.  
"Eat plasma, Warhead!" says Vectorman, as he fires a little plasma-doodad at Warhead.  "This isn't over yet Vectorman!" he retorts.

I'm not sure if his name was Warhead or War Head.  Hmm...  I could Google it, but screw it.

Page 4

So then Warhead says "Cyber balls, get him!"  I guess those blue turret things are cyber balls?  I think I made that name up.  But there were little spherical turret enemies that harassed you in this level.  

Of course, they don't do anything.  Vectorman just ignores them, and shoots Warhead's hand on the railroad track.  It's very unclear, but this defeats Warhead.  Trust me.

Page 5

Victorious, Vectorman leaps from the train tracks, resuming his normal humanoid form.  Good job?  

So it ends.  I hope you were just as fascinated by this waste of paper and crayon as I was.  Tomorrow: back to SITM!

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