Monday, August 24, 2015

Sether in the Morff #37

Cover Page

Hand me down flip-flops, hand me down socks, hand me down drug dealers, hand me down rocks.
Oh Sweet Mary & Joseph Stalin...  What the hell is going on here?

So... first of all, this is the first issue I did after acquiring a new set of markers.  I can tell because I now have dark green, gray, and light blue to work with.  This marker set was pretty badass.  It was like a little wooden briefcase with a closey-claspy-doo, and a handle to carry it around.  Inside were little plastic impressions where the markers and crayons and stuff fit inside.  It was one of my most prized possessions for a long time.  I was of course excited to start using it immediately.  The final few issues of SITM were forged with these implements before my attentions drew me elsewhere.

Now this particular cover has so much raw 90's street-cred 'tude I don't even know how to handle it.  Seth levitates slightly off the ground in a dirty alleyway, because dirty alleyways are a window to the heart of the city, man!  And he's stickin' it to the man, who is Radical Worm in this case, by spray painting over his big R symbol thing.  Radical!  I'm surprised Seth isn't wearing rollerblades and headphones like a jackass.  

What the hell is that graffiti over the R?  Juno?  JNCO?  I couldn't tell you.  I think I was trying to make as authentic a generic graffiti tag I could produce at the moment.  JNCO jeans were pretty popular when I was a kid, and it didn't get much more urban coolness than that.  Who the hell knows?  

If you ever look at pictures of what was cool in the 90's, and wonder perplexedly how anyone could ever think it was cool, these comics are proof that at the time, kids DID think sunglasses and skateboards and graffiti was cool.  So grab a Capri Sun and a Fruit By the Foot and continue reading, you worthless sack of trash.

Page 1

Our heroes blast off from Earth with only a vague idea of attacking Radical Worm's war fleet or something.  Good plan, guys.

Page 2

-Insert Admiral Akbar Quote-
The text is a little hard to read on this one.  A voice that is probably Radical Worm says 'Come little ones... into my TRAP!'

Then Jess is all like 'This isn't right!  We should have ran into trouble by now!'

Then Seth is all like 'We just have...'

And then Zach helpfully exclaims: 'They cloaked!'

Yes, apparently Radical's fleet has stealth cloaking technology.  All that lightning is supposed to be their de-cloaking... thing.  A visual stolen from the video game Colony Wars I might add.  I mentioned this game before; it's going to have quite the influence over these last few issues indeed.

Page 3

Not even 'to be continued.'  Just 'be continued.'  >_<
I abruptly decide to end the issue now.  I think I was just rushing along, trying to get to issue 40.  I probably could have fused the last three issues into a single volume.  Derp.

Anyway, Radical Worm gives us a hearty skull laugh.  Notice that he's no longer drawn in hard-to-see flesh-tone crayon!  Yes, I now had a pink marker, and I wasn't afraid to use it.

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